Why Hakyll?

Posted on June 27, 2015

Well, I thought about personal blog for a quite long time, but to be honest I’m really lazy. And the second thing, I don’t like most of CMS I’ve ever seen. So, the idea of static generation is looking much more suitable for this kind of stuff. But I never tried it before (to be honest I’ve never heard about it, except 1C Bitrix. At least I thought it generates a lot of static pages, but it still requires PHP).

Finally, I found out that there several solutions for site generation (thanks Vitaly Repin), like (Jekyll, Hakyll, Middleman). The interesting thing, is that if you try to google something like “Jekyll vs Hakyll”, there will be several posts about migration from Jekyll to Hakyll. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Hakyll is better, but it seems like it is more flexible.

Another reason why I’ve chosen Hakyll is Haskell. Haskell was a language which bring me to the functional programming world. It was like a magic for me (and it steel so, since I’ve never participated a real projects in Haskell). It feels like you just have written your first program, and it’s working (of course if you was able to compile it :)).

So, the first impression is “I like it”. Even thought, it’s not strictly required to know Haskell, and all of this stuff (like Monads and Monoids), this knowledge gives you some advantages, and it gives me a hope that I’ll be able to make this blog much better that it is now :)